Skin Discoloration

If you’ve noticed discoloration in the skin of your legs, it’s possible that you have a vein condition causing your blood to pool and swell beneath the surface. Skin discoloration due to a vein condition can be frustrating, but fortunately there are treatments available to help improve the appearance of your skin and prevent your vein problems from becoming more serious.

What Causes Skin Discoloration?

When the veins in your legs are not functioning properly, your blood may fail to circulate out of the leg, causing it to pool beneath your skin’s surface. This creates inflammation and swelling, both of which can lead to your skin becoming discolored.

How Is Skin Discoloration Treated?

At the Ellison Vein Institute, we can expertly diagnose the underlying cause for your skin discoloration. We can then offer effective treatments and procedures that will resolve the problem, improving both your health and the appearance of your skin.

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